We have several option available, backed up with expert advice to help you apply whichever fastener is suitable.


These are our starting point for fastener application. Simply fit the fasteners into the dies, and press the handle down for a perfect fit. These machines have an adjustable die holder, so that you can operate with different thicknesses of fabrics. If necessary these presses can be screwed to a table top, or adapted to a foot treadle.

Hand press machine

A real work horse with the added feature of a geared fastening movement. This enables all fasteners to be applied with an even pressure avoiding any flattening of the cap, or loosely held together fasteners supplied on a work bench with a foot treadle.

Ratchet press on stand

These are available in a fully automatic format for all our fasteners, as well as a range of eyelets. Our machines are fitted with laser spotlights to easily pinpoint where the stud should be placed as well as an in-built safely cut off mechanism. We have the full range of parts for these machines, and our full-time engineer is available to sort out any problems.

These machines can be used on single or three phase power supply or adapted to work with compressed air.

HAF-5ES fully automatic machine