The two most important things to remember here are:
  1. What is the thread made out of?
  2. What is its thickness?

We stock sewing thread in various materials and a huge range of colours. Usually the higher the ticket number the thicker the thread, e.g. 75's is thicker than 120s.


Stocked in over 40 colours and two thicknesses - 120s & 75s - this is one of the most popular and value for money threads in the U.K. Used for all manner of sewing applications.

Newlace brand spun polyester

Newlace brand corespun


Often referred to as Corespun or Blended thread. An inner core of polyester is wrapped around with cotton which is used for its heat absorbing capacity thereby avoiding burning from high speed needles, most popularly stocked in 25s, 36s, 75s & 120s.


Most popular in the luggage, upholstery and footwear industries, this strong thread is Available from 20s to 60s


Is so called because of its texturizcd quality. It enables seams to be extensively covered and is often mixed with another thread for overlocking.


Unlike all other threads, the larger the ticket number - the thicker the thread, and the thickness is generally referred to in Denier. Used for overlocking and many applications where a clear, strong thread is called for. Most popularly stocked in 180, 250 & 330 Denier.