We can provide zippers for all types of manufacturing trades from basic 10 cm wallet zips to 10 metre tank cover zips. We can supply such zippers from within the U.K., Europe or the Far East dependent on customer requirements for quantity, cost and time frames.
Zips should be measured from the bottom of the bottom stop to the top of the puller when it has been pulled to the top of its uppermost position
The width of the teeth in the zip's closed position is refered to as No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 etc. This is the millimeter measurement accross the width of the teeth and we can go as high as 25mm in plastic.
Zips are supplied in various configurations, the most popular being closed end and open (separate) end. Moveable open end zips are available when the separable zip has one puller at the top and bottom. Closed end zips are supplied with two pullers in two different formats, X-Type for boiler suits and O-Type for luggage.
We can also supply continuous chain, loose pullers and fitting jigs.
Our puller selection is vast, encompassing hundreds of different designs and materials.


Aluminium, nickel, nickel-free, antique brass, gunmetal and brass teeth are all available to order. Mostly made with polyester tape, these zips are also supplied with cotton tape where overdying is part of the manufacturing process and flame retardant tape is also available. We keep extensive stocks of most of the above.


Also refered to as spiral or polyester, these are the most popular and economical type of zip fastener. As well as self coloured teeth, we can offer various metal-look finishes.


Often refered to as delrin, vislon, chunky teeth or moulded, these zips are available with self coloured and many metal-look finishes.

Assorted plastic zips

If you have any queries regarding zips please do not hesitate to contact our sales team who will be happy to quote prices , delivery times and availability of any zip that you may require.